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Sustainable Development

“Human” Focus


Individuals open their eyes to the scientific world when they join the Papilon family and themselves; They find themselves in an effort to observe, ask questions, form hypotheses, predict, research, interpret and communicate. They know the importance of understanding the different thinking patterns they encounter. The Papilonian, who has the right to question everything related to work, has developed the skills to apply the right question to the right problem. Who, what, where, when, why and how they ask questions are the foundations of good inquiry skills.

The Papilonian focuses on “How” to learn / teach something more, to create meaningful products and to create back-to-back conversations. The “how method” helps us create a roadmap. For us, “How” focus allows us to clarify one point and reduce misunderstanding. Therefore, it is also important to ensure more effective communication.

Learning is a function that is central to an organization. A learning organization like Papilon constantly expands its capacity to create its own future. Many of our changes and developments are based on learning. The basis and subject of the learning organization is the learning individual. It is the learning individual who will create the learning teams and the learning organization. Our aim is that our employees are made up of individuals who are creative, who can take initiative and are constantly developing, so that all innovations come out of the organizational structure. Our basic philosophy is to aim to create conditions that will change itself and the environment.

Successful innovation happens with different thinking and different projects. As Einstein said, “The problems of the world we create today cannot be solved if we think about them the way we think when creating them.” We ensure that buyers choose our products in order to survive and compete, and we strive to be innovative with these features we add to adapt to change. As Papilon, we invest in the innovative perspectives of our employees because we believe that employees can be more innovative. As Value Team, our Human Resources unit supports the training and development of our employees and encourages them to come up with new ideas by focusing on expanding their knowledge and skills.

Papilon employees, who have cognitive flexibility, are able to use their skills more effectively, better evaluate alternative ways in human relations and become more socially compatible. Good cognitive flexibility allows us to think about different ideas, values ​​and ways of thinking; This helps us to understand other people’s perspectives and to value other people’s opinions. Therefore, mental flexibility, which gives us an advantage in teamwork, has an important place in guiding our social relationships and using our empathy.

The strength of leadership titles in the papilon structure is achieved through knowledge and dominance. In our horizontal hierarchical order, the candidate leader provides information, while the top leader inspires and motivates. In our point of view, there is no such understanding that one is born without being a leader. The leaders in our company are people who learn to use the knowledge they have acquired over time for the benefit of the company. The leadership approach in our company has become a mechanism that sits naturally over time, not by appointment. We have behaviors that will highlight our leadership competencies and make them permanent, and our main goal is to develop our strong leadership qualities and achieve the ideal.

Organizational respect begins with knowing the answer to your “why” question. Individuals have a reason for the driving force that gets them out of bed every morning and prompts them to jump in their cars and go to work. If we think of the word “why” in the context of the individual, it gives them a life meaning or purpose, which increases self-esteem. The organizational “cause” is the mission of our company. Our mission is to ensure the safety of Papilon in the community by providing a unique experience working with Turkey when compared to the standard. We often ask ourselves how this task comes alive every day, how each policy, meeting or activity is experienced, shared and breathed. While the first key component in creating this culture of respect is the “why” question, the other is our core values. Most people know how much we care about our organizational values. We try to impose our values ​​on our work in order to internalize these issues.

Our personality traits are our innate potential. No matter how different our family, social environment and genetics are, we all have a personality. Just as the sun is always in the sky, it sometimes becomes invisible due to natural events such as fog, cloud and darkness. Although our unique features are always within us, we sometimes forget their existence with illusions caused by external factors and tend to see life from the window we look at. So, in what ways is Papilon different? In a building in the centre of the city with a garden and animals outside, we reject the traditional working environment with the beauty of the peacock. A little girl walking down the street wants us to bring her duck, which she can’t even take care of, to our garden and raise it. This situation shows that even the public is aware that we are different.

All our awareness started when we accepted our differences and focused on how to turn them into advantage. Because managing our differences means managing ourselves. The moment we looked in the mirror and managed to see ourselves with our pros and cons, we accepted those around us as they were. Our goal is to accept existing differences and how to benefit from them, rather than trying to change people. The greatest benefit of managing differences well for us is the development of communication and cooperation between different groups. In this way, the synergy we create with our awareness turns into an advantage in our business.

As Papilon, teamwork functioning contains 3 basic elements: First, a sense of belonging. Two, being able to balance me and us. Three, commitment to goals. First, we feel belonging to the group we are in, we become more open to solidarity and sharing with our teammates, because our aim is to improve our team with the spirit of sharing. Second, we trust the “I” that make us who we are, because we believe that we do many things with confidence. When necessary, we know how to pull ourselves back, suppress the “I” within us and be us for the benefit of the team. Third, we set our goals that we want to achieve together as a team and make every effort to stick to these goals. Because while we differentiate with our competencies and knowledge, we aim to contribute and integrate the group in the process of achieving the goal. Knowing that we will achieve results that we cannot get alone when we become a team, we prefer to walk together for success.

The purpose of paying attention to the ethical codes we have as Papilon is to create a common corporate culture, to create a harmonious working environment and to be a responsible company to the society. In accordance with this purpose; We act in accordance with legal requirements, act in line with the expectations of stakeholders, protect and strengthen the position of the company against competitors, reduce the possible effects of any misconduct and crisis environment, and ensure that the company adapts to changes. Our ethical codes, which include honesty, integrity, respect, trust and equality, are also indispensable values ​​of our corporate culture.

Trust is built through actions, not words. At Papilon, we do not only say that we “trust” each other, we also show this through our daily actions. Because we trust and believe in our teams’ decisions, they make their own plans, and our bond of mutual trust grows stronger. As Papilon, we are aware of how important it is to maintain our trust in each other. For this reason, we attach great importance to taking responsibility and compensating for our mistakes in case of a possible error. Communicating openly and clearly with everyone, treating everyone equally contributes to our sense of trust being built on solid foundations.

At Papilon, everyone relies on each other’s expertise, tackles key issues more easily and discussions are reduced. Based on the principle of openness, our accountability value is important in building trust. In this sense, it is our most fundamental aim that the legal and moral bases of business and actions can be presented, shown and proved without hiding from anyone. In order to be accountable, each of us knows how to act in accordance with Papilon’s objectives and be responsible for the consequences of all action or inaction.

Poor and closed communications form the basis of many problems within the company. Communication is to each other; It is the most important element that shapes our responsibilities towards our team, leader, company, behaviour, attitude, performance, productivity, motivation and job satisfaction. That’s why we attach importance to effective communication development methods, and we give each other feedback. Apart from that, we take care to listen effectively, to use the conflict management techniques we have learned, to keep the Johari Window technique in our mind as a part of our business life, and to ensure open communication in general, to ensure a safe and peaceful working environment.

We believe that when we create a strong communication network and internalize it, our sharing spirit will also improve. This affects us, our team and our company positively. This is because information tends to multiply as it is shared and used. In the Papilon business environment, we are aware that information should be open to sharing among employees within the organization in order to achieve competitive advantage. For this reason, Papilon can manage its employees in a way that they can continuously produce and share their knowledge and provides this environment to them.