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The concept of culture; It comes from the word “colere” in Latin and in our language this word is translated “to look” or “to raise”. Morgan’s definition of culture is as follows: “The development model generally reflected in a society’s knowledge, ideology, value, law and daily ritual system”. Creating company culture starts with an exceptional leader. The leader recruits the employees to the company, and the domain of each individual working in the company creates the company culture.

The leadership system within us is shaped as a natural selection of people with innate leadership. The leader person reveals his leadership qualities and becomes the leader of his group by excelling in his group. We are all in the story as leaders. Somewhere in this story we run into difficulties, and our origin story begins here. In fact, being a cultural creator is a situation where everyone working in the company has a share. Imagine yourself 80 million in Turkey, all we laminate a needle in place until the end of the map of Turkey. When we look at the big picture, we are individuals who make up Turkish culture. This situation is the same where we work. Therefore, feeling that you and those around you are responsible for the development and growth and being a part of this culture will increase well-being.

Of course, it is important to adapt to the culture at the company you work for. We encounter people who are unable to adapt to the culture representing shared values, beliefs and behaviours that are spoken or not, and often complain about the values ​​owned or even company pets. Is not it? Studies show that a high level of cultural cohesion allows for more promotions and fewer layoffs, more positive performance metrics and, as a result, more bonuses. Because those who can adapt to the culture quickly adapted to these changes when there is a change related to culture and they performed better in dynamic environments.

Therefore, our primary goal is not to turn the environment in which our employees spend most of their lives into a torment, because we believe that the place where they make their living should be a flexible environment that can comfort them. We do not seek personal satisfaction outside of work because we do not want to limit our opportunity to be happy and holistic people. Culture is a concept that is easy to feel but difficult to measure. For this reason, we attach great importance to the identification and internalization of our values ​​embodying the culture and we continue the Development with Values ​​Program. We gathered our values ​​that we attach importance to within the scope of the Development with Values ​​Program under 3 headings: Sustainable Development, Human Focus and Transparency. Researches show that employees who adapt to the values ​​are more willing to work in the organization and naturally working time is longer. For this reason, we take care to select our colleagues who can adapt to our 15 values ​​that we gather under these three headings in our recruitment. In our recruitment, we care that talented people work with us because we give them the opportunity to change the standards of World security and make the world a better place.

We always think that adjusting to everything is not the only qualification to work for a long time in a job. Of course, according to research, it is obvious that cultural harmony affects career success positively. However, we believe that our colleagues, who perceive the world differently than anyone else, have cognitive flexibility and cultural diversity, will bring creativity and innovation to our company. In our recruitment, we care that diverse talented people work with us because we give them the opportunity to change the standards of World security and make the world a better place.

Research shows that diversity in the early stages and the final creates a team problem, while diversity in the middle of the project process increases the likelihood of success. In the process where the team is most open to ideas, various opinions are needed and individuals who make a difference lead the team to success. That’s why you can always present your brilliant ideas at Papilon, and we care about proposing innovative projects. For this, we have established the “I Have an Idea” page on our common platform and we ensure that our employees can write clearly when they need the most ideas. As Papilon, we care about the act of questioning and progress towards the “how” question. Our main goal is to ensure that our employees are innovative by fulfilling their personal and professional development requests at the optimum level and to move forward with discovery and curiosity in this workplace they love.

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